D.L. Merritt, Author

To say that writing a novel is a journey of love is not always correct. It also involves frustration and occasional disdain when what you envision refuses to be conveyed into words.

Because you can recite your story with your eyes closed, you can read it a 100 times and still miss critical errors. That’s why you need a second pair of eyes.

When I was near completion of my first novel, I found a writers blog on the importance of having your manuscript professionally edited. Susan was one of the editors mentioned. That was my lucky day!

After checking out her website, I knew I had found the right fit for me. I haven’t been disappointed. Susan is the utmost professional. She not only corrects grammatical errors but also offers suggestions that will enhance the story not change it. I’m grateful for all her insight. She has also cured my love affair with adverbs.

Susan gave me one suggestion that I will carry throughout my life as an author—just tell the story and don’t try so hard to sound like “a writer.” She gave me my voice, and I’ve already secured my spot in her busy schedule for my second novel.

D.L. Merritt


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