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  • My Interview with Author Maura Beth Brennan
    Every writer has seen it and heard it many times—be sure to have your book edited by a qualified editor if you want your book to look professional and be taken seriously. I will always be grateful that I took this advice before self-publishing my first book, The Edge of Memory. Read more…
  • Interview at
    Susan Hughes is a freelance Editor, writer & melanoma survivor. She has worked with 4/5 star authors of adult fiction like Richard Stephenson (Collapse), DI Telbat (Dark Liaison), Jennifer Levine (Summer Secrets), Maureen K Howard (Deviled!), Lisa Proulx (Weed Monkey), writers of non-fiction like Fiza Pathan (Classics: How we can encourage children to read them), and Terry Isaacson (Teaching Kids Golf). She’s also worked with writers like Jill A Carpenter (Huffington Post) and Charles Garcia (Fox News Latino) Read more…

  • Interview by Mark Schroeder for Find My Audience.
    Hi Susan, can you describe for us what an “ideal” editor does? An ideal editor is one who forms a bond and a level of trust with the writer, enabling the writer to have the confidence to hand over his/her precious words—to an absolute stranger!  That trust is built through prompt, friendly communication. Writers have lots of questions about editing, and an ideal editor will be there daily to answer those questions, even before the edit begins. Read more…
  • Interview in Trends in Writing by Rob Kennedy
    Susan Hughes began her career as a freelance editor after spending 29 years as a public school educator. She is the editor of a wide array of genres including Richard Stephenson’s dystopian thriller, Collapse, which was honored as a finalist in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Most recently, Susan completed an edit of Taylor Fulks’ gripping novel, MyPrison Without Bars, a Readers’ Choice Gold Medal Award winning account of the author’s abusive childhood and its aftermath.  Susan has also edited for Charles P. Garcia, whose op-ed pieces can be found in the Huffington Post and on Fox News.  She has a BA in English Literature and is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Check out the entire article.
  • Interview at the Murder Lab by Kristen Elise
    “A writer enters into a partnership when hiring an editor. The two become a team, both with the same goal in sight. I don’t attempt to change the writer’s voice or intent. I take the work I’m given and build on it, making sure it’s not full of errors that will turn off the reader.  Working with an indie editor is quite different than working with a big editing company.  When indie editors and writers work together, there’s much more leeway in how the process proceeds.” Read the full interview…

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Are You Worth the Wait?

When I launched my freelance editing business a few years ago, I had no plan, no clear idea about what I was doing. I never realized that a new career was in the works. If I’d known that, I might have run in the opposite direction, having recently retired from a twenty-nine-year teaching career.

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