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As a new, very green author, I got 3 or 4 editing samples before making a decision for my first book “The Edge of Memory.” Susan stood out immediately for her thoroughness, depth of explanation, and ability to “get” the author’s voice. Where some other editors seemed intent on writing their own book, Susan was intent on cutting through all my beginner mistakes and helping me write my own best book. And, nothing escaped her eye, not grammatical errors, punctuation, rambling (I do a lot of that), repetitions, you name it. But, icing on the cake, (apologies, Susan, for the cliche) she was so kind, patient, and interested, although I tortured her with endless questions, concerns, and worries. I was constantly amazed that when I contacted her with a question, hours later I would see her painstakingly thorough answer. She walked me through it all with humor and grace. I believe I learned more from Susan than I learned in all my writing classes. I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan to any author, especially a new author. You couldn’t make a better choice.

Maura Beth Brennan


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