It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Susan Hughes. I have always been a little skeptical of what an editor brings to the table, thinking that perhaps they were mere “blue penners” looking for the errant solecism. Boy did Susan prove me wrong! Of course she caught the grammatical and stylistic faux pas: the overused comma, the misplaced apostrophe, the stylistic redundancies, etc. But more than that, she helped with the logic, the pacing, and tone of my work, in the process improving the end product tremendously. For too long I have thought that writers must be islands unto themselves, that they, and they alone, were responsible for what made it onto the page. In working with Susan I have come to realize that creating the works we can be proud of truly takes a “village.” Make sure that Susan is one of your close neighbors!


Mark Schroeder


My script, TrainHoppers, which you edited, won the Gold Medal in Pilot at The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, the Gold in Pilot at The New York Screenplay Contest, the Silver at The American Movies Awards Contest, and the Bronze in Pilot at the Writer’s Digest Contest. It’s sitting in some agent’s drawer. Who knows if he will ever read it:)

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