Margie Miklas, Author

From my first interactions with Susan on social media I knew her to be engaging, supportive, and quick to communicate. I decided to submit my manuscript for the complimentary 1000-word sample she offered on her website for editing. She replied the same day, and in less than 24 hours she sent back the edited sample, explaining her use of Track Changes for the editing process. In reviewing her edits in that sample, I learned so much and knew immediately that this was the kind of editor I needed.

Once she had my full manuscript, she completed the editing process in less time than originally anticipated, keeping me informed on her progress on a weekly basis. Once I had the manuscript back and the revision process began, Susan made herself available as often as needed, and believe me I had a lot of questions. I never had to wait long for an email reply, something I valued and appreciated.

What I liked most about Susan’s editing was her expertise and her knowledge of current writing trends. She included links to articles she thought would be helpful to me on specific topics like point of view. Her suggested changes were welcomed; some were specific and others more general, such as, “needs transition, revise, or delete.”

Susan made a point to explain her rationale in the editing comments and needed changes. When the revision needed required a major change and I needed more direction, she was quick to provide the help I desired. Her encouraging words along the way helped make the tedious revision process easier.

My first novel, Critical Cover-Up, was just released, and I know it is so much better than the original unedited manuscript.

I would recommend Susan to any author looking for an editor, and I feel fortunate to have been able to work with her. The entire experience was pleasurable and a tremendous learning experience. Thank you, Susan, for everything.

Margie Miklas


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