Manyo Hilda Dickson , Author

The Exceptional Susan!

It all started with a referral from Esosa, an old schoolmate who authored a book.

I had searched and searched for an editor that would do a great job in preserving the message I had.

I sent out chapter samples to many editors to have them reviewed, and each time they returned, the language had changed so much that I struggled to find my expressions in them.

It was at that point my old schoolmate asked, “Why don’t you try Susan? She is very good.”

I reached out to Susan and realized she was not just very good but an exceptional being.

From the first email at the start of my inquiry, I sensed professionalism.

She provided guidance each step of the way, and weekly updates on the progress of the work were a given.

She was interested in an excellent output right up to the cover page.

Post editing, when I sought help on aspects that appeared unclear, she did not hesitate.

She is a gold mine that just keeps on giving.

I will recommend her over and over again.

Manyo Hilda Dickson


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