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As a new author, needing all the guidance and help l could get, Susan was and is the best editor for me. She is devoted to her clients and absolutely made me a better writer. With her line edit I was able to deliver a clean and well written manuscript ready for publication after our revisions were complete. There was nothing she missed. Her advice and edits were accurate and played true to my story’s tone, my characters voices, and the full development of the plot. Susan is patient and most importantly, honest. You need a editor that will be 100 percent straight with you and Susan was all that and more. She never held back and was always professional. Her mark-up and notes were easy to follow, her advice and guidance through the revision process was invaluable. Susan is my go-to for each manuscript I complete. I plan to book her AGAIN this summer for my second novel. I’m so excited to continue to work with her. Thank you so much Susan!

Briseis S. Lily


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