I discovered Susan on Twitter while desperately in search of a “GOOD” Editor, and couldn’t be more thankful that our paths crossed.  As a new Author I wanted to ensure that my voice was not lost through the edits my manuscript needed lots of work; and after having a previous editor tell me she wanted to “reconstruct” my manuscript I was terrified.  I spoke with Susan and I was comfortable and confident that she was capable of keeping my voice alive.  To my surprise she did that and much more…  Susan is not a paper pusher; she genuinely cares about her clients and the work that is being put into each project.

When considering an Editor it is much like looking for a babysitter for your newborn, you can’t trust just anyone with your work. Susan is the truth in which I found trust in.  Besides being extremely professional, and through, she is very punctual and works in such a timely manner.  If you are looking for someone to have the same passion about your project that you have Susan is woman for the job!

Shamilla Pennington



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